[20 – 30] Archer Leveling Guide for Beginner in FFXIV


Leveling your archer and don’t know where to start? Well, you came the right place! Archers are a great class to solo with in Final Fantasy XIV. This archer leveling guide will help you clear through Levels 20 to 30. Read on for more information below, FFXIV Gil hunters!

ffxiv gil archer class level 20 30

Reaching Level 20 for FFXIV Gil Hunters

As long as you keep following the the same formula of Leves, hunt logs and FATEs, Daily Guildhest, and Daily Low Level Roulette from before – you’ll breeze through Level 20 easily. Get on over to Quarrymill (South Shroud) and complete the FATEs and Leves in this area. Make sure you don’t have gear that is considerably under levelled when you buy FFXIV Gil, or else you’ll be in for a lot of pain in this level range. Accuracy Feed, which you can get for cheap FFXIV Gil, is your best friend as an archer in these levels!

  • REMINDER LEVEL 20: Queue up for the two new Guildhests – Pulling Poison Posies and Stinging Back.

Surviving Level 20 to 30 for FFXIV Gil Hunters

  • LEVEL 22 SKILL REMINDER – SWIFTSONG: Gives a small bonus to move speed out of combat. It’s not much, but it’s worth keeping in mind in the likely case that you’ll be running around. Any speed increase to leveling should be welcomed, considering that grinding means clearing different zones repeatedly.
  • LEVEL 24 TRAIT REMINDER – ENHANCED VENOMOUS BITE:Significantly increases the timer for Venomous Bite. This is of essential value, yielding an insane amount of DPS for the TP and GCD spent. A definite must have!
  • ALTERNATE FATE SPOT MID 20s: One often overlooked FATE grinding place is the Highbridge area. This place contains a massive EXP FATE chain, and many random FATEs. If you’re semi-AFK waiting for dungeon queue to pop, simply camp the Highbridge chain. Just make sure you have a few items you might need to avoid backtracking. You can get these items for Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

Final Points for Level 20 to 30 FFXIV Gil Hunters

  • REMINDER LEVEL 25: Queue up for the two new Guildhests – All’s Well that Ends in the Well& Flicking Sticks and Taking Names.

At Level 28, teleport or swim to Costa del Sol, Eastern La Noscea. Leve and FATE grind here until you reach Level 30. Once you’ve done so, allocate all unused points into DEX, then wrap up unfinished ARC hunting logs and ARC class quests.

  • SKILL REMINDER LEVEL 30 – WINDBITE: Finally, our second DoT. Pay attention to both of your DoTs because they would be used considerably in the coming levels. Remember, they will be the very backbone of your DPS.

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