April 2016

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Who is the Best Support: Machinist or Bard?

As I shared some information about the new ranged support job in Final Fantasy XIV last time, the Machinist, a question came to mind. Now that there are two physical range DPS in FFXIV, which is more powerful between the two, Machinist or Bard? The follow-up question is which do people or raids prefer more, Machinist or Bard? More powerful doesn’t mean it is more preferred since both have different utilities aside from dealing damage. Some things that Machinist lack can be provided by Bard and vice versa. So let’s take a look the differences of the two. Best Support…


An Introduction to the New Support DPS: The Machinist

So if you have been fairly away from Final Fantasy XIV, you might have missed this awesome new job in the game, the Machinist. What exactly is a Machinist and what exactly does it do? Read on to find out. The Machinist Playstyle According to the game description: “The war with Dravania rages on, brutal and unrelenting. With no end in sight, the Holy See grows desperate. As her dragoons lay down their lives in defense of their home, Ishgard turns to technology to protect her sons and daughters. Great cannons and ballistae now line the city walls, plucking dragons…

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The Howling Eye Extreme – Garuda Overwhelming

Last time I shared my Howling Eye experience in the hard mode. Now, I want to take a look back on my Howling Eye Extreme experience and share it with you guys. Reasons Why I Love Garuda Extreme The Howling Eye Extreme is one of my favorite fights in Final Fantasy XIV because it is all about team execution, minimal errors and everyone has to do their role in this fight. One move and you have to redo the fight all over again. I hated having to do the fight all over again when we were in the last phase. My…


The Howling Eye Hard – Garuda Upgraded

As I have shared my experiences in Ifrit and Titan fights, I would like to also share my experience in fighting Garuda in my FFXIV Account. Out of all the Primals that I have fought, The Howling Eye is my favorite. Firstly, the background music is amazing. The best background music or fight music in the game unless there is a new one I haven’t heard but yeah, the Garuda fight background music automatically listed in my daily music playlist. Garuda is the most sinister among the three Primals for me as well. She is like the evilest Primal because…

FFXIV Discussion

The Woes of Inventory Space – Glamour and Retainer Conundrum!

There is one common problem that every MMORPG share, providing sufficient inventory space. I don’t know why in the world that these game developers cannot provide sufficient inventory space in their game. Maybe they are having fun in their offices seeing complaints from players that the inventory space in the game is not enough. Is there a programming limitation as to why they cannot provide a bigger inventory? If so, I will understand but as long as they don’t explain as to why there is always Maybe they are having fun in their offices seeing complaints from players that the…

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Ifrit Hard Mode! The Demon Within!

It has been awhile when I first started playing Final Fantasy XIV. It was A Realm Reborn FFXIV Account back then. I finished the story and managed to pass through the Primals. I was thinking, “I hope there are harder difficulties for these Primals.” Lo and behold, there were really harder modes of the Primals. Will people be needing to do them because I really wanted to try killing them? Fortunately, in order to get the strongest weapon in the game back then, you had to finish all of the three and finding groups wanting to finish the Primals was…

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On the State of Hardcore PvE Raiding

Raiding During the Player Drought I was just browsing around reddit, minding my own business and just looking for something to write about, and then, suddenly, I find this little post on end game raiding. “Getting 8 people together to do scheduled content is difficult. And when you have content that requires several weeks of practice to clear and people slam their heads against walls for it, it leads to burn out. Couple this with the fact I believe we’re just so far into the game’s life cycle now that there might be a diminishing pool of veteran raiders willing…

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Titan Extreme – Landslides Everywhere!

Last time I shared you my experience in the Primal Fight against Titan in Hard Mode. Now I would like to share to you guys my Titan Extreme experience. Brace up because you will enjoy this ride! Titan Extreme Experience So like I said, you should brace up on my Titan Extreme experience because I didn’t finish the dude! Yes, up until now I haven’t finish the extreme mode of Titan because it was so hard! The bombardment of mechanics plus one party member dies, basically you’re all dead. So there’s a zero to minimal window for mistakes and that’s…

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Titan Hard Mode: The Landslide King!

Here is another reminiscing moment again, this time, my experience in trying to finish Titan Hard and Extreme. This fight really is, if I may, a pain in the butt! Like most of the dungeon fights in my FFXIV Account, if you disregard the mechanics, you are dead. Most especially in all Primal fights. It is really hard that you have to keep in mind the mechanics, your role in team and if you are actually the leader of that group, you have to literally hold the hands of the new players or forgive me for using this term, the…