A Realm Awoken Guide Pt. 2

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Last time I shared with you guys the Main Scenario quests that you should do in order to reach level 50 without the hassle of going back to them because you missed them or something. Since they are really necessary, you shouldn’t have an “I’ll just go back to them later” mindset. A Realm Awoken is now!

A Realm Awoken Guide

Here is the continuation after reaching level 50. Notice that they are not in order by level so please read accordingly to your iLVL. This is for A Realm Awoken:

A Realm Awoken

To unlock the first guildhest, do the Simply the Hest sidequest from one of the city-states. Further guildhests are progressively unlocked by doing the last available guildhest on the Duty Finder.


Quest Name Level Remarks
The Price of Principles
… 8 quests …
Hest of the Best Requires completing a level 15 guildhest.
Pass the Smell Hest Requires completing a level 30 guildhest.
You’re Gonna Carry That Rewards the Buffalo Calf minion.
… 4 quests …
You Have Selected Regicide i54, i75 Unlocks the Patch 2.1 8-man trial. Rewards weapons.
… 2 quests …
Build on the Stone

Through the Maelstrom

Quest Name Level Remarks
Still Waters
… 15 quests …
Lord of the Whorl i60 Unlocks the Patch 2.2 8-man trial.
… 1 quest …
Through the Maelstrom

Defenders of Eorzea

Quest Name Level Remarks
The Great Divide
… 9 quests …
Levin an Impression i65 Unlocks the Patch 2.3 8-man trial.
… 7 quests …
Brave New Companions


A Realm Awoken

There are some requirements and unlocks when you do some of these quests, so hopefully you read them as well because it will help you get through them easier. Not to mention these remarks will help you set your goals on what to do in the game. Final Fantasy XIV Gil is a reward as well so that is one thing enticing in doing these quests.

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