Beast Tribe Daily Quests Guide

Beast Tribe

So, we have been discussing guides in Final Fantasy XIV and we have no plans on slowing down anytime soon. Whether it be you are aiming to progress in the game or just wants to do everything and get gil on the side, these guides will help you get through as new player. Even veteran players will benefit on this one when it comes to Beast Tribe.

Beast Tribe Guide

Now let us take a look on the Beast Tribe section and see what players have to do, where to get the quests and what they will get in finishing the quest. You can also find this stuff in Reddit.

Beast Tribe

Beast Tribe quests

All quests require completing the level 41 MSQ In Pursuit of the Past. The daily quests build up reputation, and at certain reputation points a new quest advancing the storyline is available. After the final quest is done, it is possible to buy a mount and minion from the tribe. Completing all tribes’ storylines starts a quest chain that rewards the Sable Death Mask unique head piece.

Quest Name Level Quest Giver Location Remarks
A Bad Bladder 1 Scarlet New Gridania Unlocks the Ixal daily quests (for DoH only).
Highway Robbery 41 Trachraet Maelstrom Command Unlocks the Kobold daily quests.
Seeking Solace 42 Vorsaile Heuloix Adders’ Nest Unlocks the Sylph daily quests.
Peace for Thanalan 43 Swift Hall of Flames Unlocks the Amalj’aa daily quests.
They Came from the Deep 44 R’ashaht Rhiki Maelstrom Command Unlocks the Sahagin daily quests.

Ixali high reputation quests reward Oaknots, which were valuable currency up to 2.55, but it’s unknown if they will still be useful in the 3.x series.

For sure you will accumulate enough gil and faction reputation by finishing these quests and will help you in advancing and upgrading your gears. We will discuss more guides. More Final Fantasy XIV guides coming soon!

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