Catering to Casual Crowds: FFXIV Has Done No Wrong

Last time we tackled on some of the factors (outside of sales graphics and gameplay) that greatly affects the success of an MMORPG. I mentioned that casual content, voice acting, cutscenes, music and support play a major role on bringing satisfaction to players, casuals or not, thus bringing more sales. I also defined them accordingly. So which of those category do you think Final Fantasy XIV sufficed? Did Final Fantasy take at least one of those? Let us take a look at the first Casual Content.

Casual Content in FFXIV

These are all according to my personal opinion a Final Fantasy XIV player. You may want to agree or disagree. Please just leave your opinions on the comments section below. So yeah, here we go:

MMORPG’s can be very addicting and some players really don’t have that long of a time to play. In Final Fantasy XIV, it is very hard to reach max level and that’s a no-no for a casual player. Given that most of the fun and excitement happens in late game, a casual player might be bored to death while leveling. The good thing about the slow leveling is that the player can do multiple things to do so. Crafting in the game also doesn’t require any level so you can craft if you don’t feel like leveling. Gathering can be a pain for a casual player but can be fun as well in the sense that a casual player with an FF14 account can take his time off just wandering in the beautiful ambience of the game (minus the monsters of course, lol).


There are multiple ways to level as well which is a plus for a casual player that looks for different things to do while leveling thus eliminating the boredom I mentioned about leveling. One can do dungeon runs or maybe grind out in FATE’s which I still think is the most fun and fastest way to level. Or maybe one can do all the story and side quests if the story catches his attention. There are many ways to max level and boredom can be avoided once the player knows every possible activity he can do while not being at max level.

Being Casual Isn’t Wrong

There’s never anything wrong with being casual and Squeenix is very much gearing to that end of the spectrum. Instances are becoming much easier with every patch that comes along, quality of life improvements pop up every now and again. Again, there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these things, so newbies and returning players don’t have to feel the daunting pressure of trying to remain viable at end game.

So login to your FF14 Account now that you have an idea on what to do inside the game being a casual player!

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