Crystal Tower and Hildibrand Overview

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Crystal Tower was the very first raid-like instance in Final Fantasy XIV. Coil of Bahamut was not really raid-like for me way back because it was just like a dungeon but double the number of people inside. Honestly, it was just like the Primal fights but of course, was more difficult. However, this fight brought new light to my eyes as the number of people fighting in one fight grew twice or thrice therefore, also the action! Here we have some of the quests that involve Crystal Tower and the rewards and unlocks when you do them.

The Crystal Tower

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Has backstory on the Allagan Empire.

Quest Name Level Quest Giver Location Remarks
Legacy of Allag 50 Outlandish Man Revenant’s Toll Requires finishing the 2.0 story.
… 2 quests …        
Labyrinth of the Ancients i50, i80 G’raha Tia Mor Dhona Unlocks the first part of the Crystal Tower.
… 1 quest …        
Syrcus Tower i70, i100 Rammbroes Mor Dhona Unlocks second part of the Crystal Tower.
The World of Darkness i90, i120 Rammbroes Mor Dhona Unlocks the last part of the Crystal Tower.
… 2 quests …        
The Gift of the Archmagus   Koh Rabntah Revenant’s Toll Unlocks weekly quest for upgrade materials for the Allagan Tomestones of Poetics gear.

Hildibrand quest series

Requires finishing the 2.0 MSQ. Humorous quest series featuring the gentleman Hildibrand Manderville, agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire. The quest to start the series is The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen (level 50), given by Wymond (Steps of Nald).

The series is 21 quests long, and it unlocks 2 Hard trials and 1 Extreme (but still easy) trial. Also unlocks the/mandervilledance, the /hildibrand pose, as well as a Hildibrand minion.

So if you’re tired of farming for mats and Gil, doing Crystal Tower and Hildibrand quest series can be your option. For sure, you will enjoy them as I did!


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