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Dungeon Guide

We continue on to take a look on how newcomer players to Final Fantasy XIV can distinguish which things they should do. We don’t want them to be deterred at once after they have just created their account, right? So here is a little “Dungeon Guide” for them.

The Dungeon Quest Starters!

Here is the dungeon (instanced) unlocks that you can do if you have a new game account. These are pre-level 50. You can ask some friends or maybe a complete stranger to do these with you! Credits to the generous people of reddit!

Dungeon Guide

Instanced Dungeon unlocks (pre-lv50)

Several of these dungeons contain mobs that are included in your Grand Company’s Hunting Log. For example, doing Halatali right after joining a Grand Company is a good way to get most of the 2000 seals needed for the My Little Chocobo sidequest. They are also a good source of experience, especially as the gap between new dungeons in the main story increases.

As a hint, the fastest way to Vesper Bay is through the Ferry Docks next to the Arcanist’s Guild, but it requires an 80 gil payment every time.

Quest Name Level Quest Giver Location Remarks
Hallo Halatali 20 Nedrick Ironheart Vesper Bay Requires MSQ Dressed to Deceive, unlocks the ID Halatali.
Braving New Depths 35 Nedrick Ironheart Vesper Bay Unlocks the ID Sunken Temple of Qarn.
Dishonor Before Death 38 Sibold Steps of Thal Unlocks the ID Cutter’s Cry.
Fort of Fear 44 Carrilaut Observatorium One of the ways to unlock the ID Dzemael Darkhold.
Shadows Uncast 44 GC HQ The other way to unlock the ID Dzemael Darkhold. This quest is needed to unlock the Captain GC promotion.
Going for Gold 47 Nedrick Ironheart Vesper Bay One of the ways to unlock the ID Aurum Vale.
Gilding the Bilious 47 GC HQ The other way to unlock the ID Aurum Value. This quest is needed to unlock the First Lieutenant GC promotion.


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