End-Game Healer? Who Do You Pick?

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Now that there are three healer options in Final Fantasy XIV, the real question now is which is the best among the three options to bring in endgame content? Let us see what the people say.

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Just like me wondering which healer to main in Final Fantasy XIV when it comes to endgame content like dungeons, raids, extremes etc., Calintz_Nexus asked in gamefaqs boards:
“Currently trying to choose which healer is more profitable of keeping a party alive majorly in endgame dungeons; I.e: Extremes, Coils, and ect.

As of now I have a scholar who I decided to finished the story with and be my first level 60 because I started with him a year ago. I also have a WHM at level 50 which I only dislike was the lack of MP pool and consumption and left me standing around waiting for mana to regen, and lastly because of popular beliefs of its animation and cool new look I wanted to try out AST.

But as of right now, I’ve decided to hang up
Coat as a scholar for now on and choose a better healer who has a much more chance of keeping a party(mainly the tanks, and squishy DRK thing) alive and well. Every time I run a hard dungeon with my scholar I’ve noticed that it’s a hard battle struggle keeping the team alive(even with the best equips I’ve can get my hands on) and in some small way we wipe, but not often. So I wanted to choose WHM because of their massive heals, but they drain too much for me to comfortably spam my heals like I do with SCH and its aetherflow and mp recovery. Then I’ve heard of AST who has two stances that between SCH and WHM, but also read of mixed views of the class not cutting it with it came to keep the party alive like WHM and SCH.

So I want to hear opinions, should I stay scholar and master a new way of keeping my team alive, or go for WHM for big heals or AST for both but hard to have fun with?”

End-Game Healer

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Replies point towards Scholars being the top choice in bringing in end game. Scholar won in terms of mana management. With all the damage in end game content, scholars are far more easier to use in terms of managing resources. White mages are pure raw healers but the mana management sometimes go out of hand if people take more damage than usual. Astrologians are just plainly weaker than the two but those cards buffs are a big help in other aspects of the fight.

It will really depend on your other co-healer. I say if the other healer is WHM, then go SCH. If other is SCH, go WHM or AST. It is not a bad idea to max all healer classes so you can be flexible on changing depending on who you co-healing with.

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