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We continue on more guides to take a look on what are the quests necessary or at least you have to do in order to quickly progress in the game. It will be hard for a new player with his fresh max level character to not follow these quests and get caught wandering around wondering what to do. Here you can see certain parts only unlock when you finish certain things. So please read carefully and follow so that you won’t have to go back to them.

 Dreams of Ice

Quest Name Level Remarks
Traitor in the Midst
… 6 quests …
The Path of the Righteous i80, i90 Unlocks the Patch 2.4 4-man ID.
… 6 quests …
The Instruments of Our Deliverance i80 Unlocks the Patch 2.4 8-man trial.
… 3 quests …
Let Us Cling Together

Before the Fall – Part 1

Quest Name Level Remarks
Good Intentions Requires having finished the first three sidequest Hard Mode trials (quests up to Primal Awakening).
… 2 quests …
The Rising Chorus i90, i100 Unlocks the Patch 2.5 4-man ID.
… 1 quest …
On the Counteroffensive
??? i90 Unlocks the Patch 2.5 trial

Before the Fall – Part 2

Quest Name Level Remarks
Mask of Grief
… 5 quests …
The Steps of Faith i90 Unlocks the Patch 2.55 8-man trial.
… 7 quests …
The Parting Glass About 45 minutes of cutscenes.
Before the Dawn More long cutscenes, credits, and another cutscene after the credits

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Notice also that there are certain parts that requires certain item level. Yes they are item level that you must reach in order to do them. These Item levels helps you also to level with the enemies to avoid having a hard time to almost an impossible instance where you cannot defeat enemies. That does not mean that you are off the hook. You still need to do well in order to progress. it is a game after all. Skills are required in order to progress.

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