Hairstyle Design Contest Begins for FFXIV Account Holders

Hairstyle Design Contest

The Final Fantasy series of games, or most Japanese games, are known for the outrageous hair of their characters. While previously the domain solely of the game’s designers, new and old FFXIV account holders can now take a crack at designing hair for the game. This is thanks to the FFXIV Hairstyle Design Contest.


FFXIV Account holders can help style hair

The contest is open to all players with an active Final Fantasy 14 account from July 29 to August 20. There are two main categories for the hairstyle, male and female. Those interested in joining can design their ideal hairstyle by either drawing it by hand or digital means. They can also use wigs or their own hair to illustrate their hairstyle design. The actual entry however needs to be a picture of the hairstyle from the front and the back.

There are some things to consider when designing your entry. First off, make sure that the hair does not go past chest level. Remember that characters would not like their hair getting tangled in their armor. Second, the hairstyle should also be usable by all of the races in the game.

Entering your FFXIV Account in the contest

Entries have to be submitted via email. In your email, use the subject “FFXIV Hairstyle Design Contest.” In the body make sure that your Character name and World name is included. Add a nickname, and if the entry is for the male or female category. Lastly, include the name and description of your entry.

For the picture of the hairstyle, ensure that it doesn’t not exceed 3MB. It should also be in .jpg or .png format. Note that only the front view of the design is required. A photo of the back however can increase your chances of winning however. Email your entries to . For more information, you can check out the announcement here.

Prizes for FFXIV Account holders

The operation and development teams will select entries as finalists. These will then be posted on the forums for players to vote on. The most popular based on likes will be considered the winner. There will be one grand prize winner per category. Their design will be added to the game in patch 3.1. The grand winner as well as the ten finalists will also receive Noble Barding for Chocobos. Finally, all players who voted for the finalist entries will be entered into a raffle. From this, 140 players will be selected to receive a Scarf of Wondrous Wit.

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