FFXIV Account Holder’s Preview of New Heavensward Jobs

New Heavensward Jobs

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New information about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s first expansion, Heavensward has just been released.  What is this new information? New Jobs! Seasoned FFXIV account holders will be able to take on three new jobs that will be introduced in the expansion. These are the Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist. We take a closer look at them in today’s article.

New Heavensward Jobs

A Dark Knight for your FFXIV Account

One of the new jobs Final Fantasy XIV account holders will be able to get for their characters is the Dark Knight. This fallen member of the clergy wield a mighty greatsword instead of a sword and shield to dispense indiscriminate justice across the land. While no definitive information has been released, footage of this new job’s actions hints that it will be a Disciple of War class. Based on the number of attack skills, it is also safe to assume that Dark Knight may be a DPS class similar to the Dragoon. There is also the possibility of the new job being similar to Warriors in that they can deal damage as well as tank well.

Astromancy on your FFXIV Account

The Astrologian is the second new job revealed in the Heavensward Jobs announcement. Final Fantasy 14 account holders will need a new equipment type, Star Globes, for this new job. Wielding the power of the stars, the Astrologian seems to be a perfect fit for a Disciple of Magic class. Based on the job action previews, this new job will most likely fulfill a utility role. The skills showcased feature a mix of attack skills, buffs, and debuffs.

Machines and FFXIV Account holders

The third and last job revealed to come in the new expansion is the Machinist. This gun wielding job was shown to have the capability to use and summon magitek pets that will attack your foes. While the job action previews featured a lot of attack skills, we would not be surprised if the Machinist could also field siege weaponry in larger battles. Nevertheless, this gun-toting job would fit right in as a Disciple of War class.  Regardless, players hoping for a gunslinger will have their prayers answered in Heavensward.

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