FFXIV Account Holders Rejoice! Heavensward Goes Live Part 2

Heavensward Goes Live Part 2

We are back with more information about the recently released Heavensward expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. New and veteran FFXIV account holder can take on new job quests as well as new class quests in the expansion. Those who want to roll a new character can now also select a new race, the Au Ra.

Heavensward Goes Live Part 2

New Job quests for FFXIV Account holders

Final Fantasy XIV account holders who want to start getting more experience for their characters can do so through the new Job quests. These have been added by the new expansion and are available to their respective jobs provided they are at level 50. For example Paladins can take the An Exemplary Example by talking with Jenlyns over at Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (x10, y11). Your paladin needs to have finished the Before the Dawn and Keeping the Oath quests however.

For Monks they get the Legend Continues quest. This can be taken from Erik in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (x10, y13). It requires the quest Before the Dawn and Five Easy Pieces to be finished first however.

New Class quests for FFXIV Account holders

If you took the time to level up a class to level 50, then Heavensward expansion has new quests for you. Final Fantasy 14 account holders for example can take the Forging Northwards quest for Blacksmiths at level 50. The quest can be taken from Brithael at Limsa Lominsa(x10, y14). Just be sure to finish the Before the Dawn and Waiting in the Winglet quests.

Leather Workers on the other hand can take up the Turndown Service quest from Geva in Old Gridania(x12, y7). In order to take the quest, your level 50 Leather Worker first needs to finish Before the Dawn and Accept No Imitations.

New race for your FFXIV Account

One of the more prominent features of the new Heavensward expansion is the Au Ra. This new playable race features horned characters. Players can choose between two clans, the fair skinned Raen who trace their line to the Dawn Father, and the Xaela of the Dusk Mother with their blue tinted skin. It is worth noting that the Raen have good starting Mind and Piety attributes, while the Xaela have more Strength and Vitality.

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