FFXIV Account Holders Can Now Plan Events via the Lodestone

The Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone has been recently updated. Along with a new look and feel, it now also supports Event and Party Recruitment. Through it new and veteran FFXIV account holders can easily organize meet ups in-game. Today we’ll take a look at how this new feature works and how Final Fantasy XIV account holders can take advantage of it.


Planning an event for FFXIV Account holders

If you’ve been active in a large Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV:  A Realm Reborn you’ve experienced your share of raids or parties failing due to lack or participants. This is usually due to players  lacking proper communication. Some Free Companies remedy this through coordinating via forums, social media sites and the like. With the Lodestone’s most recent update however, it can be done on the official site.

Through the Event and Party Recruitment feature, players can create event listings other players can easily see and join. It also alerts players via the Lodestone of pending events they have signed up to join.

Creating an event is easy. Simple go the Event and Party page and click New Event. In the page that comes up, simple name the event and specify the date and time it will take place. Next, provide the party size and a description of the event. Make sure to specify the nature activity, where participants will meet and the like.

Choosing which FFXIV Account holders can join

During the event creation process, Final Fantasy 14 account holders can pick who can join the event. Through the Privacy Settings players can pick if the event is open to just their friends, their Free Company or everyone. They can also role requirements for their party. This is ideal if you are organizing a dungeon run or a FATE.

Adding FFXIV Account holders to the event

The event listing can also be set to automatically accept all applicants, or require approval. This approval comes from the creator of the event. List of pending participants can be seen on the Applicants and Comments tabs of the event page. From here players can accept or reject applicants as well as talk with them.

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