Veteran FFXIV Account Holder’s Guide to the Syrcus Tower Raid Part 4

Syrcus Tower Raid Part 4

Welcome to the fourth and final part of our guide to the Syrcus Tower Raid for veteran Final Fantasy XIV account holders. In today’s guide we will go over how you and your party can defeat the fourth and final boss of the raid, Xande.


Yellow orbs on your FFXIV Account

One of the mechanics of the fight FFXIV account holders need to watch out for is Aetherochemical Explosion. This skill will cause the boss to summon Golden Orbs throughout the room. After 10 to 15 seconds, they will detonate and deal raid wide damage. While it will not wipe the raid, the amount of damage dealt can easily overwhelm your healers. To counter this, players will need to stand close to the orbs. If a character stands next to an orb, it will generate a shield. Upon detonating, it will deal much less damage to the raid and the character next to it. Note that only one character need to stand next to an orb. As such, you can cycle players which will take the damage to make it easier for your healers.

FFXIV Account holders vs meteors

Once Xande hits 70% health, he will teleport out of the battlefield and sit on his throne. Final Fantasy 14 account holders will not be able to damage him at this point. He will then summon meteors that slowly head towards three Attractor mobs that will also appear on the battlefield. There will also be a giant attractor in the middle of the field with its own giant meteor slowly heading for it. All the attractors need to be destroyed to prevent the meteors from falling and killing everyone. Once all the attractors have been dealt with, Xande returns to the battlefield to continue the fight.

Keeping FFXIV account holders safe

Xande will place a black aura on a random player once he returns. After several seconds AoE damage will be dealt centered on the marked player split among nearby characters. Next, a null gravity zone will be generated where the explosion was. Players should then stand in this zone to make their characters float. This is the only way to avoid the boss’ next attack Ancient Quaga. This can one-hit any character that is standing on the ground. After this attack, the mechanics of the fight will repeat until Xande is defeated.

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