Ul’dah Main Quests Guide Part 6 in FFXIV

Ul'dah Main Quests

We are now onto the next part of the guide for FFXIV account holders working on the main scenario quests in Ul’Dah, the starting location of Pugilists, Gladiators, and Thaumaturges in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Find out more about the main scenario quests you have to complete, the weapons and armor you can buy with Gil, and the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Ul’Dah.

FFXIV account Fufulupa

The Perfect Swarm Quest for your FFXIV Account

Speak to Drunken Stag to obtain the quest after doing Give It To Me Raw. Apparently, the Brass Blades are in need of your assistance. Swarms of Sun Midges have been harassing travelers along the road connecting Horizon and Copperbell Mines, and so you are to kill 4 Sun Midge Swarm. Once completed, head to Horizon and talk to Fufulupa to complete the quest for your Final Fantasy XIV account.

Last Letter to Lost Hope for your FFXIV Account

Talk to Fufulupa to prompt the next quest. He wants you to locate the whereabouts of a missive he sent to Lost Hope as he is afraid that the courier has met with some misfortune en route. Search the roads southwest of Black Brush Station in Central Thanalan for the courier, Seseli. Then, head to Lost Hope to talk to Leofric to hand him the missive and complete the quest for your Final Fantasy 14 account.

Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow for your FFXIV Account

Leofric has a request for an able adventure; he wants you to deal with a band of outlaws who have taken up residence in the Quiveron Manse. Kill the self-proclaimed baron and his men. Head to the Quiveron Manse once you’re ready and defeat 2 Quiveron guards, 2 Quiveron attendants, and Baron von Quiveron III Esquire. Now that the band of outlaws is no more, return to Leofric and talk to him to complete the quest for your FFXIV account.

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