[World Boss Guide] Defeating Ascian Prime in FFXIV

Ascian Prime

If it’s heavenly amounts of loot you want, well, you have to work two, three notches harder for it. Sure, farming resources and selling them can give you a couple of grands within a much shorter span of time (minus the ridiculous amount of effort), but there’s something so fulfilling about reaping the rewards the hard way. And by ‘the hard way’, we mean completing dungeons and kicking world bosses’ butts. Nothing quite beats that feeling when the boss falls and drops insane loot. For today, we’ll guide you through the world boss, The Ascian Prime, on your Final Fantasy 14 account.

ffxiv account ascian prime

Introduction – The Ascian Prime for FFXIV Account Holders

The Ascian Prime is a world boss in Final Fantasy XIV, created when Lahabrea and Igeyorhm use their powers to fuse into a stronger being as a last resort to defeat the Adventurer’s party. The Ascian Prime is the final boss of the Aetherochemical Research Facility, and is the penultimate boss of Heavensward.

Abilities – The Ascian Prime for FFXIV Account Holders

This is the stage three fight after the cutscene in the Aetherochemical Research Facility. Since the Ascian Prime is basically Lahabrea and Igeyorhm combined into one form, there will be ice and fire attacks in this stage.

  • Height of Chaos is a hard-hitting frontal cleave.
  • Ancient Eruption causes AoE circles to appear under each player.
  • Shadowflare is the same as previous phases.
  • When Annihilation is cast, the Ascian Prime summons a giant Blizzardsphere and Firesphere.
  • Universal Manipulation is a room wide AoE that inflicts multiple status ailments. It also deals moderate damage.
  • Entropic Flame isa multi-straight line AoE.
  • Chaos Bleed is castedafter the second Universal Manipulation. Orbs will be tethered to every member of the raid.

Preparing for the Fight – The Ascian Prime for FFXIV Account Holders

The Ascian Prime is much more dangerous than Lahabrea or Igeyorhm, as it is the combination of both, and is considered to be the penumbral boss on Heavensward for Final Fantasy XIV account holders. He is also vulnerable to stuns, sleep, and binds—so don’t bother wasting those abilities on him if you’re planning to at the beginning of the fight. Each member has the responsibility to stack up on ward and anti-status ailments pots, and x-pots, because healers / support members will have their hands full already by keeping themselves alive (they’re always the easiest to die during raids!).

Countering Abilities and Tactics – The Ascian Prime for FFXIV Account Holders

At certain points in the fight, the Ascian Prime will gather two immense orbs of fire and ice with his ability, Annihilation. Prioritize destroying the Blizzardsphere here, and let the healer heal through the fire damage. During this attack, a large room AoE will go off as well with safe zones, just rotate towards the safe zones while destroying the spheres. Note that one of the spheres must be destroyed before he finishes casting Annihilation, or the party will be instantly wiped out. After this, several black orbs appear. Players should get inside the empty void area to avoid his Universal Manipulation attack. Once the Ascian Prime’s hit points drop below 30%, orbs will continuously be tethered to players and should be detonated away from others. You can counter his ability, Chaos Bleed, by letting them hit Ascian Prime.

Other Guides – The Ascian Prime for FFXIV Account Holders

Since we skipped on the other bosses you’ll face in the Aetherochemical Research Facility like Lahabrea and Igeyorhm, you can check them out in the coming articles! Meanwhile, here are the other available world boss guides for Amon and Angra Mainyu.

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