Completing the World of Darkness on your FFXIV Account 3

World of Darkness

In one of our previous guides we looked at some of the abilities of the second boss of the World of Darkness raid. Today, we will show veteran and new FFXIV account holders how to finish off this boss.  We will also check out the third boss of this raid.


Staying alive on your FFXIV account

Aside from the different elemental attacks of the Five-headed Dragon Final Fantasy 14 account holders also need to be wary of this boss’ Discordance attack. When casting this skill, pillars will appear in the room. If the cast finishes, the pillars explode and wipe the raid. The casting can be interrupted however by dealing enough damage to each head of the dragon. Note that as more heads are forced to bow down, the casting time becomes quicker. The upside however is the damage dealt to the raid will become much lower.

Another skill to watch out for is Heat Wave. Once the Five-headed Dragon uses this, any action will deal damage to your character. This means even the simple act of moving can kill your character. As such, once you see this skill being cast, stop whatever your character is doing and wait until the spell is done.

Jumping around on your FFXIV account

Before Final Fantasy XIV account holders encounter the third boss of the raid, they will first need to go through the Atmos Prime mob encounter. Players will immediately notice three large, two-tiered platforms in the room. At the top of each is an Atmos and a ground switch. Standing on the switch will activate the jump pads on the platform to the right.

To destroy the Atmos Prime in the center of the room, players will need to kill the Atmos on each platform. These mobs however use AoE attacks to knock players off platforms, as well as, to devour them. Avoid having all players on the bottom tier with inactive jump pads as this will result in a wipe.

Cerberus against FFXIV account holders

The third boss of the raid is Cerberus. As the fight begins, players will see boss break free of its chains. Upon doing so, it will start to stack haste buffs making him more attack speed. Note that the longer the boss is unchained, the more damage it will get. To chain Cerberus up again, is a topic for another guide however.

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