The FFXIV Class / Job 3.0 System Pt. 2

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This is just a continuation of the jobs guide from the last write-up. It would best if you read this one as well as it is part of the general knowledge in Final Fantasy XIV. Having a new FFXIV Account, this would be really helpful for new players and maybe for not so new players that might not know this.

Job / Class Continued~

This is the last part of the Reddit post about the newcomers’ guide to Final Fantasy XIV:

[1] To become a Rogue, one must first start as any other class and, after doing their initial class’ level 10 quest, do the quest at the Rogue’s guild in Limsa Lominsa. Also note that Limsa Lominsa may not be accessible until a level 15 MSQ takes you there.

[2] To unlock Machinist, Astrologian or Dark Knight, one must first complete the 2.x story (i.e. the Before the Dawnquest) as any Level 50+ Job until the first 3.0 MSQ takes the player to Ishgard. The quests will be available, respectively, on the Skysteel Manufactory, the Athenaeum Astrologicum, and with the NPC Ishgardian Citizen near The Tribunal. As they are Jobs with no base Class, they all start at level 30.

[3] Scholar and Summoner are both Arcanist, and thus both share the same level and extra attribute points.

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There you go. With weeks of me sharing to you guys the guide for newcomers in Final Fantasy XIV, new players should at least won’t experience a hard time getting used to the game or finding themselves lost in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Every player should at least know this last part because this might be one of the must know when starting the game. Honestly, with FFXIV allowing one character to get all jobs, it is quite confusing. So yeah, I hope newcomers get to read this here or the original post in Reddit.

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