Final Fantasy XIV Crafting and Item Synthesis – Guide

Item Synthesis

Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is an involved process that is quite different when compared to other MMOs. To make the most FFXIV Gil from crafted FFXIV items, one needs to know how the item synthesis system works.

Item Synthesis


Setting up an item to craft – Item Synthesis

Item synthesis in the game starts out similar to other games. Crafters on a FFXIV account will be shown a list of items that can be crafted that can be filtered. Clicking on the class icons shows only the items for that class, while the recipe level ranges limit items only for that level. If you’re crafting items for FFXIV Gil, it would be best to know which items for specific classes sell well.

Materials, FFXIV Gil cost and other details

On the right side of the Crafting log is a list of materials and statistics for the selected item. Crafters on a Final Fantasy account need to pay attention to the durability and difficulty as these determine how high quality their resulting item can be. The cost in Elemental Shards will also be shown so players can determine how much FFXIV Gil they’ll charge for the item.

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