Taking on the Second Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 for FFXIV Gil

Having cleared Turn 3 of the Second Coil of Bahamut, Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters can move on to the fourth and final turn of this series of raids. Note however that this is not the end of the Coil of Bahamut raids. Today’s guide will cover the mechanics players will encounter in Turn 4 and how to survive them.


Saving FFXIV Gil hunters from meteors

Throughout the fight, hunters of cheap FFXIV Gil will need to be aware of the Stardust ability that the boss uses. This places a marker on a random non-tank member. When the timer runs out, a meteor will be summoned and will crash into the spot where the marked player was. This deal raidwide damage that gets higher, the closer a character is to the impact site. Being hit by the meteor head on will instantly kill a character.

There are two markers placed by the Stardust ability, a red one and a yellow one. Red markers summon red meteors, while the yellow markers summon yellow meteors. Note that if a meteor lands close to another meteor of a different color, they will explode. This explosion will instantly wipe the raid. As such, make sure each meteor is at least 8 yalms away from another of a different color.

Heavy damage skill against FFXIV Gil hunters

Another devastating skill used by Nael Deus Darnus is Ravensbeak. This skill hits the tank for devastating damage and places a debuff on it that lasts for 12 seconds. When the debuff ends, the tank will detonate and deal massive damage to all those in range. Healers need to be ready to heal the damage quickly. Tanks meanwhile need to buy FFXIV Gil for repairs after the raid.

Chariots, Beams and FFXIV Gil

Another mechanic the boss uses is the Iron Chariot and Thermionic Beam combo. The first skill will have the boss jump to random party member and cast point blank AoE. This will deal damage and knockback those in range. Be wary of your position as getting knocked past the blue circle of the area will result in instant death.

While using Iron Chariot, the boss will also mark a player. After casting the first skill, Nael Deus Darnus will then cast Thermionic Beam on the marked player. This will deal AoE damage centered on the marked player. Note that the damage is split among those caught in the beam.

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