Astrologian, A Deeper Sneak Peek

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So, I was excited about the release of Astrologian two years ago, but what in the world is an Astrologian? I knew then that it is a healer but what can an it do? What are its skills? I assumed that an Astrologian will summon the powers of the stars to heal allies. Was I right? Let’s find out.

Brief Background of Astrologian

Did some research and came across Astrologian wiki of FFXIV. According to it:

“Astrologian is a healer job introduced in 2014 Fan Fest in Tokyo. Astrologian’s main weapon is the Star Globe. The job starts from level 30, does not require a base class and requires Heavensward. It employs the use of celestial magicks along with a divining deck in order to heal and support their parties.

Astrologians have access to two stances. Players can switch between Diurnal Sect (provides regen effects) and Nocturnal Sect (provides barrier effects), but cannot do so during combat. This allows the Astrologian to change function to suit the party’s needs (for instance, you may use Diurnal Sect if your party includes a Scholar, and Nocturnal Sect if your party has a White Mage.

Astrologians draws cards randomly, which can be used to give party members one of six buffs. These buffs can also be enhanced in potency or duration, or made to cover an area of effect in exchange for potency. Mastering these effects is a key skill in making the most of your abilities.”


Wow, so basically it can be like a Scholar or a White Mage depending on what stance you activate. Pretty awesome! Though only can be done in combat, that’s more than enough for me. The versatility of Astrologian stances is the real deal. What makes it more exciting to use are the card buffs. A healer and a support at the same time??? Astrologian is looking good! With this definition I might have to say goodbye to Scholar or White Mage for awhile. Let’s play Astrologian!

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