Gathering FFXIV Gil Riches from The Aurum Vale Dungeon

Aurum Vale

Miners across Eorzea have ventured into the Aurum Vale in search of gold and mythril in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. However, all that they managed to dig was their own graves. Will FFXIV account holders fare any better when they take on this dungeon? Or will your FFXIV Gil hunter also fall to the same deadly denizens of this dungeon?

Aurum Vale

Entering the vale for FFXIV Gil

The Aurum Vale is an optional dungeon designed for characters level 47 to 49 on a Final Fantasy XIV account. This dungeon can be found in Coerthas Central Highlands and can hold up to four party members. To gain entry, Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters need to first complete the Going for Gold quest. The latter can be obtained from Nedrick Ironhear in Vesper Bay.

Geysers and puddles to hinder your FFXIV Gil hunter

The dungeon gets its name from the various golden puddles scattered throughout the vale. Players need to be wary of these as they are not what they seem. Characters who stand in the puddles will receive damage over time.

Aside from the puddles, numerous geysers fill the dungeon. Standing close to one will send a character towards groups of trash mobs and/or puddles. Be extra careful around these as it is very easy to get overwhelmed in the vale.

Defeating the Locksmith for FFXIV Gil

The first boss battle of the dungeon can be a little tricky. Aside from dealing with the damaging puddles, players will have to content with the Locksmith’s abilities that deal heavy damage. First of these is Hundred Lashings which is a simple melee attack. Next is Gold Dust that deals AoE damage. The most problematic attack however is Gold Rush. This skill applies the Gold Lung debuff to the entire party. To avoid being killed by this debuff, players must consume Morbol Fruits scattered around the room. Stay alive through this and you’ll kill the boss and claim your FFXIV items and Gil.

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