Helping Goblins and Earning FFXIV Gil and Items in Brayflox’s Longstop


Goblins are often portrayed as enemies in MMORPGs. In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn however, there is a dungeon where FFXIV account holders fight to help protect them. Brayflox’s Longstop is the dungeon in question and Final Fantasy XIV account owners will have to face dragons to save green goblins from destruction.


Earning FFXIV Gil through helping

Brayflox Alltalks is a goblin who decided to build a tiny empire in Raincatcher Gully. Unknown to him and his goblin brethren however is that the area is inhabited by dragons. Now it is up to characters level 32 to 34 to save the green humanoids. They must first take or complete the quest The Things We Do for Cheese before they can embark on this dungeon. Players will then have 90 minutes to complete the dungeon.

Facing a Great Yellow Pelican for FFXIV Gil

The first boss Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters will encounter in the dungeon is the Great Yellow Pelican. This giant bird only has two skills to watch out for. The first is a poison attack that can affect your tank, slowly killing it if not removed quickly. The second skill is one that summons small Violet Back birds. This is a greater threat as these adds can quickly overwhelm the party if left unchecked.

Once the boss is dealt with, Brayflox will appear and ask help from the party. From this point forward, players will encounter goblins under attack. Save them to earn FFXIV items and Gil from them.

More FFXIV Gil from Inferno Drake

The next boss in the dungeon is the Inferno Drake. Like with most bosses, this drake has a front arc attack. At around 80% life, Brayflox will enter the area chased by another drake. Make sure to save him before continuing with the fight. Once saved, the little goblin will join the fight. Be careful at this stage however as Brayflox will occasionally pull the boss and put your other teammates in danger.

In our next guide, we will cover the remaining two bosses of this dungeon. Stay tuned!

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