FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Dungeon Guide to Dzemael Darkhold (Part I)

Patch 2.5

Initially designed as a refuge from the Dravanian Horde, Dzemael Darkhold was created on top of a natural occurring maze of caves. Unfortunately, these caves also served as a connection to the void. Now it is up to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players to clear the Ishgardian house of the voidsent. Are the FFXIV Gil hunters on your Final Fantasy XIV account up to the task?

Dzemael Darkhold

How to get your FFXIV Gil hunter in

Dzemael Darkhold is an optional instance that FFXIV account holders can access at level 44 – 46. It can be found in the Coerthas Central Highlands and requires characters to complete the quest Fort of Fear. Alternatively, the character can be at rank Sergeant First Class or higher in a Grand Company to access the dungeon. In this case, they will need to speak with the command of their GC to gain access. As with any instance, characters over level 47 will be sync’d down to level 46 upon entry. The dungeon rewards players with Gil, items and Allagan Tomestones of Mythology.

Crystal formations, terminals and FFXIV Gil

During the first few sections of the dungeon, players will encounter crystal formations. These play an important role as they provide protection against the roaming first boss. Characters simply need to be inside the purple triangular areas made by these formations to be protected.

Another mechanic found throughout Dzemael Darkhold is the magitek field. These serve as switches that open doors to new areas. They are slow to open however and characters need to be wary of any mobs nearby when using them.

Blinding the All-seeing Eye for FFXIV Gil

The first boss of the dungeon is the All-seeing Eye. Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters will first encounter this boss in the narrow passageways and corridors of the dungeon. When they do get to fight it, players need to lure the boss near the purple areas near the crystal formations. This is important as the boss will be invulnerable to attacks outside of the purple area. Note that purple area moves to different crystals so the party will need to pull the boss to the new area. Aside from this, the boss is pretty standard with its frontal AoE attacks and summoned adds.

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