FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to Exploratory Voyages in Heavensward

Exploratory Voyages

Our most recent guide looked at the new Company Workshop system. With a lot of cheap FFXIV Gil you can use it to create an Airship. Today, we will show you what you can use the Airship for and how it can get you money even if you do not buy FFXIV Gil.

Exploratory Voyages

Exploration for FFXIV Gil and items

Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters who have made an Airship via the new Company Workshop can use this for the new Exploratory Voyages feature. Free Companies can register an airship through this system to help in exploring uncharted lands in the Sea of Clouds. This daring do is not without profit however. Upon the airship’s successful return, it will reward players with experience, and items. Note that the quality of items and the amount of experience scales with how well the voyage was. Additionally, as you successfully complete more voyages, new areas will be unlocked for your guild to send explorations to.

Investing FFXIV Gil in your airship

Since the rewards your FC will get depend on the rating of the voyage it is important to know how to improve it. The Exploratory Voyages system determines the rating of a voyage based on the quality of the components of the airship and its parameters. These parts also determine how far the airship can travel and the amount of time it will take. This in turn determines which areas the airship can explore. As such, to improve your rating, you will need to improve the components and parameters of your airship.

Components however are governed by the airship’s rank. Think of this as the level of your airship. It increases with each successful voyage and determines what components you can use on the airship.

Tanks, parts and FFXIV Gil

As mentioned above, the success of an airship depends on its components. These are the hull, rigging, forecastle and aftcastle. Each of these parts has a component cost. This works in tandem with an airship’s Airframe Capacity. Players will have to outfit their airship making sure their components do not exceed the Airframe Capacity. Additionally, components have durability that wears down after each voyage. Completely worn down components need to be repaired or replaced before you can go on a new voyage. Finally, a Ceruleum Tank is needed for each exploration. These can be bought using company credits from a resident caretaker.

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