Earning FFXIV Gil, Items and Experience through FATE

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Fully Active Time Events, commonly called FATEs are dynamic interactive events FFXIV account holders can participate in, in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. They function similar to a dungeon, but have none of the limitations. Doing FATE is also a fun way of obtaining Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV items.


Basics your FFXIV Gil hunter should know

Final Fantasy XIV account holders interested in FATEs need only look at their map to find them. Being dynamic content, FATEs do not appear at the whim can call of FFXIV Gil hunters. When they do appear, there will be a blue circle on the minimap. Getting your character into the blue area will have them join the FATE. Once joined, you character will then need to accomplish the objectives that will appear on the screen.

Types of FATEs to get FFXIV Gil

There are currently three types of FATEs: Monster hunting, Boss battle, and Collection. FATEs of the first type require participants to defeat incoming waves of monsters. FATEs of this type will show up with a two crossed swords icon on the minimap.

Boss battle FATEs are similar to Trials in that players need to team up and defeat one large powerful boss monster. Players can identify this kind of FATE by their monster maw icon on the minimap. Unlike Trials, and similar to all FATEs there is no limit to the amount of players that can participate in the battle.

The last kind of FATE is the Collection type. These are marked on the minimap with a bag icon. An NPC will have players collect special items within a time limit. Those who turn in more of the said item will get a better rating.

FFXIV Gil and item rewards

FATEs are a fun way to earn Gil, experience and Grand Company seals. Certain FATEs will also reward players with items and gold medals. Note FATEs gauge which character should receive rewards based on their rating. The latter is usually based on how much damage, items turned in, kills or enmity a character gathers during the FATE.

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