How to Beat Final Coil Turn 3 Part 3

Final Coil Turn 3 Part 3

Our last guide helped those farming cheap FFXIV Gil deal with the second phase of the Phoenix boss fight in the Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 3 raid. Today we will go through the third phase of the boss fight. You’ll need to buy FFXIV Gil after the fight as your gear will definitely need some repairing after it.


Dealing with Phase 3 for FFXIV Gil

Phase 3 begins once Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters bring Phoenix down to 52% health. At this point, he will move to the edge of the room and begin to continuously cast Flames of Rebirth. This skill will deal raid wide damage and a buff on the boss that will increase the damage of the next Flames of Rebirth. Most important of all, it will revive any dead Bennus in the room. Note that the boss is invulnerable during this phase. Additionally, getting close to the boss will result in instant death. Be sure to clear the phase by the time the stacks of Flames of Rebirth reach 13. Otherwise, the damage will be too great to heal through and the party will wipe.

Bennus and FFXIV Gil hunters

The phase starts with Bennus being revived by the Flames of Rebirth skill. These fiery birds maintain their aggro table even after death. As such, once they revive, they will attack the tank who handled them in the earlier phase. FFXIV players need to keep this in mind as the whole phase revolves around dealing with these adds. In fact, the phase only ends when all the adds have been killed.

Revival mechanics FFXIV Gil hunters need to know

Bennus are not difficult to kill, what makes the third phase tricky however is that they can be revived by the PhoenixFlames of Rebirth skill. What complicates matters further is that upon revival, Bennus will buff those near it. As such, be sure to keep the living adds away from the Bennu corpses.

Thankfully, the Bennus cannot revive infinitely. After being revived, they turn into Big Bennus. The latter are much tougher and much more powerful than their normal version. Once a Big Bennu is killed however, it cannot be revived. Be warned however that if two Big Bennus are close to each other, they will merge and become even more powerful. As such, be careful to only have one Big Bennu at a time, or at least keep two or more away from each other.

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