FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 Part 4

Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4

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Welcome to the last and final part of our guide on the Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4. Here players who like to get cheap FFXIV Gil will learn how to deal with the mechanics in the fourth phase of the Bahamut boss fight. Buy FFXIV Gil for repairs as this last one is tough.

Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4

Getting FFXIV Gil hunters through Akh Morn

The fourth phase of the Bahamut boss fight starts with the boss using a new skill, Akh Morn. This skill deals massive damage to the tank that can only be survived with proper use of external cooldowns. Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters also need to be aware that the number of hits this ability deals out increases. Each time it is cast, it hits the target once, plus the number of times it has been cast. As such, on the first cast, Akh Morn will hit once, plus an extra hit. On the second hit, it will hit its default hit, plus two extra. This goes on until Bahamut will use an Akh Morn that will hit for five times.

More powerful skills FFXIV Gil hunters need to avoid

During the final phase of the raid, Bahamut will still use Megaflare and Earthshaker. However, FFXIV Gil hunters will notice that the skills have been altered. For starters, Megaflare will now spawn two pillars. Like in the previous phase, their damage must be soaked otherwise the whole raid will be wiped.

As for Earthshaker, the ground AoEs it produces now stay for twice the amount of time. You will have to make do with up to 12 lava puddles on the ground throughout the fight. It is advisable that players lay them close to the previous puddles to maximize the raid’s moving room.

Tempest Wing and FFXIV Gil hunters

During  Megaflares and Earthshakers, Bahamut will use Tempest Wing. This will tether two players to the boss. Afterwards, Bahamut will summon a Twister that will surround the tethered player. This deals constant damage and knocks back other players that get near. Tanks should take the tether from targeted players so healers can manage healing better. Tethers can be taken by simply running into the other player.

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