How to Get FFXIV Gil and Items from Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4

Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4

Bahamut has been awakened. Now it is up to Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters to confront him and prevent another catastrophe. But never  fear, our next series of guides will help you and your team deal with Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4. Buy FFXIV Gil and get the best gear for your characters as this will be a tough one.

Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4

Flares and your FFXIV Gil hunter

If you’re looking for easy cheap FFXIV Gil, you may want to take on a different raid. The final battle with Bahamut is considerably tough and may cause you to lose more Gil than you can earn. It is divided into four phases, but thankfully, some of the mechanics of the boss fight are the same across phases.

For phase one, players will have to be wary of Megaflare. This attack has three parts: first a ground AoE that targets three to four players, second an AoE splash attack that his three to four players and a beam attack that marks and targets two to four players. The key to handling Megaflare is first spreading out to avoid getting hit by overlapping AoE attacks. Once the marks for the beam attack come up, players then need to stack together near Bahamut to split the damage. This is mandatory as the beam attack can instantly kill a character if it the damage is not shared.

Avoiding FFXIV Gil hunters getting flattened

Another skill FFXIV players need to watch out for is Flatten. This will deal massive damage to the tank. It is then followed by three Flare Breaths. The latter is a frontal cone attack that deals moderate damage. Cooldowns are a must to survive this attack. If you have an off-tank, consider swapping to save on cooldowns.

Saving FFXIV Gil hunters from Earthshaker

Earthshaker is another ability Bahamut uses during the first phase. It will target to random characters and mark them. The boss will then cast the ability three times firing a quake that moves from him to the target. All characters in between will be dealt damage as the quake moves towards its target. When it reaches the marked player a ground AoE will then be placed. Standing on it will inflict damage and the Heavy debuff. Marked players are advised to run to the edges of the room to ensure that the AoEs are out of the way.

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