Earning FFXIV Gil with the Fisher and Miner Class

Fisher and Miner

Fishers are the backbone of Culinarians in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. They provide the FFXIV items needed to craft their dishes. If you want to earn FFXIV Gil with the cook on your FFXIV account, be sure to make a Fisher too.


Fishing FFXIV Gil out of the water

Making FFXIV Gil is easy with a Culinarian on your Final Fantasy 14 account. However, having a Fisher Disciple of the Land class can help improve your Final Fantasy XIV Gil earnings. This is because of their unique ability to harvest crafting materials from bodies of water. Catching your own fish with Fishing Tackles can lower your costs as well as ease boredom.

Teaching your FFXIV Gil hunter to fish

Becoming a Fisher is simple. Just head over to the Fisher’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa and talk to the receptionist. Just make sure the FFXIV Gil hunter on your Final Fantasy XIV account is level 10 or higher.

Earning FFXIV Gil from ores and gemstones

Miners are the backbone of the Blacksmith and Goldsmith crafting classes. This is due largely to their ability to gather the FFXIV items, namely ores and gemstones, needed for those classes. If you wish to save or earn more FFXIV Gil on your Final Fantasy 14 account, then making a Miner is a good idea.

Signing your FFXIV Gil hunter up for mining

Turning your FFXIV Gil hunter into a Miner is very simple. Just make sure they’re at least level 10. Then talk to the Miner’s Guild Receptionist in Ul’dah.

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