Living Off the Land – Gathering Basics for Earning FFXIV Gil


Making FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn isn’t always through grinding mobs and doing quests. Crafting FFXIV items is lucrative but there’s something that can put more Final Fantasy XIV Gil on your FFXIV account. That, my friends is Gathering. The Botanist class is an example.


Saving FFXIV Gil through Gathering

While it is true that making items can earn you lots of your FFXIV Gil on your Final Fantasy XIV account, you’ll still need to spend on materials. Having a Disciple of the Land class can minimize your crafting cost which means more profit for you.

FFXIV Gil Gatherer attributes

Gatherers have three attributes. Gathering which improves your chances at getting materials. Perception which improves the chances the material obtained is of high quality. This is important if you want to make FFXIV Gil from materials. Finally, there’s Gathering Points (GP) which is used for Gathering Abilities.

Getting green FFXIV Gil

Harvesting raw materials from plants and similar nodes are the forte of the Botanist. This Disciple of the Land class gathers raw materials to be used by carpenters, weavers, culinarians and alchemists. If you have any of these classes on your FFXIV account, it would be a good idea to make a Botanist to save FFXIV Gil.

Making a green-thumbed FFXIV Gil hunter

Making a Botanist is simple. Simply take your character to the Botanist Guild in Gridania and talk to the receptionist. Just make sure your FFXIG Gil hunter is level 10 or higher.

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