FFXIV Gil Riches with the White and Black Mage Class

Conjurer Class

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn won’t be a complete MMORPG if it didn’t have a healer class. The latter is covered by the White Mage job that Final Fantasy 14 account holders can unlock. This advanced class can help players save FFXIV Gil by reducing use of restorative FFXIV items.

White Mage

Saving FFXIV Gil in parties

As the primary Support and Healing job in the game, White Mage’s have access to the Conjurer’s skill. In addition, FFXIV account holders can use Regen which is a heal over time skill. White Mages can also deal damage to wide areas using Holy. Like most casting classes, FFXIV Gil should be invested in the Mind stat for more healing. Piety is also taken for more mana.

Unlocking White Mage for your FFXIV Gil hunter

White Mages need the Soul o f the White Mage equipped. This can be obtained from the quest Seer Folly. This quest however is only available to FFXIV Gil hunters with a level 30 in Conjurer and 15 in Arcanist.

Black Mage

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players with a penchant for destruction will be at home with the Black Mage job. Final Fantasy 14 account holders will be able to wield powerful AoE and crowd-control abilities while hunting for FFXIV Gil.

Offense and crowd-control for FFXIV Gil

The Black Mage specializes in ranged damage, especially AoE attacks. FFXIV account holders using this class can also be effective in FFXIV Gil hunting parties through the use of crowd-control spells. When using this job, focus on Intelligence for more attack damage. Piety should also be invested in for more mana.

Unlocking the Black Mage job for your FFXIV Gil hunter

This advanced class can be unlocked by completing the quest “Taking the Black.” This quest will reward your FFXIV Gil hunter with a Soul of the Black Mage item. Only characters with a level 30 in Thaumaturge and level 15 in Archer can take this quest.

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