FFXIV Gil Hunters Can Now Raise Their Own Chocobos with Patch 2.3

Fat Chocobos

Players of hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are in for a treat with the coming of Patch 2.3. In the new patch, FFXIV account holders can raise their own Chocobos. The beloved mascot of the series can be raised and trained as companions.


Quest FFXIV Gil hunters need to do first

Before players can start raising their Chocobos, they first need to finish a quest. The specific quest is Bird in Hand. This quest is available to characters with a Disciple of War/Magic class at level 30 or above. Players will need to find Luquelot in Central Shroud to take this quest. Note that the character needs to have completed the My Feisty Little Chocobo quest prior to this. Additionally, they need to be in a Free Company that owns an estate.

Stabling y our FFXIV Gil collector’s Chocobo

Chocobos can only be raised in a Chocobo Stable. This needs to be purchased from house merchants located in residential areas with Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Once bought, it can then be placed in an estate. Stables that have been placed in an estate can be used by all the members of that particular Free Company. Note that estates can only have one stable. Final Fantasy XIV account holders also cannot mount or summon their Chocobo while it is at the stable. In fact, they will be unable to access their companion menu during the time their Chocobo is stabled.

Investing FFXIV Gil in Chocobo training

Stabled Chocobos can be trained to earn experience points. This can be once an hour and uses FFXIV items. Chocobos can be rewarded using Krakka Root, Curiel Root, Sylkis Bud and other fruits and vegetables. Note that the amount of experience gained is the same regardless of which item is used. However, the condition of the stable may affect the amount of experience point gained.

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