Overview of New Dungeons in Patch 2.4 for FFXIV Gil Hunters

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Preliminary notes for Patch 2.4 for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been released. Once the patch has been released, FFXIV account holders can enjoy new dungeons. We compiled a quick to these new dungeons so Final Fantasy XIV account holders can quickly jump in when the patch goes live.

Patch 2.4

FFXIV Gil from the Final Coil

Players taking on the multipart Bahamut dungeon can finally take on its last part. Patch 2.4 adds The Final Coil of Bahamut dungeon to the game. The dungeon will require a party of eight Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters. The characters must also complete the quest Alisaie’s Resolve before they can take on the Fragments of Truth quest needed for entry into the dungeon. The latter will also require characters to be at level 50 in a Disciple of War or Magic class.

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FFXIV Gil hunters at level 50 in a Disciple of Magic or War class can also take on the Snowcloak dungeon. This new dungeon requires an average item level at or above 80. A maximum of four characters can take on the new dungeon. Note that players who want to enter the dungeon must take the The Path of the Righteous quest. This in turn requires players to first complete the quest First Blood.

FFXIV Gil from hard dungeons

Two dungeons will be getting a Hard mode when Patch 2.4 goes live. The two dungeons are Sastasha and The Sunken Temple of Qarn. Sastasha will require players to be on the quest It’s Definitely Pirates and have at least an average item level of 80. To get the quest however, characters need to first complete The Ultimate Weapon.

The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) Dungeon can only be accessed by those on The Wrath of Qarn quest. This can be taken by those who have finished the quest The Ultimate Weapon and have cleared the original mode of this dungeon.

Both dungeons require a party of four characters, each at level 50 in a Disciple of War or Magic class. The party will have 90 minutes to complete the dungeon and get their FFXIV items and loot.

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