FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to Patch 2.4 Housing Changes

Pharos Sirius

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players looking to have their own house can do so in Patch 2.4. The game will be adding subdivision that FFXIV account holders to purchase for their Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters. The patch also adds new food themed furnishings Final Fantasy XIV account holders can serve in their households.


Suburban life for your FFXIV Gil hunter

The new patch adds subdivions to the three residential districts of the game. Each subdivision contains 30 plots, specifically plots 31 to 60. FFXIV Gil hunters can access the new subdivisions through the Aethernet shards in each residential area. Each subdivision also has more plots viewable when moving between wards.

Food for your FFXIV Gil hunter’s table

Proud home owners across Eorzea can now use select FFXIV items as furnishing in their home. The items that can be displayed include Gourmet Lunch, Gourmet Supper, Afternoon Tea Set, Assorted Fruit and Chilled red. They won’t just be for display however as these Culinarian furshings can be used to get parameter bonuses. Each food furnishing can be used 10 times and will boost four parameters. While two of the parameters vary depending on the item, all of the furnishing provide a bonus to Gear Durability and experience points gained by the character.

Housing and FFXIV Gil

Housing was first introduced in Patch 2.1. Its initial release only allowed players in a Free Company to get housing via their FC. Patch 2.3 however added Personal Rooms, while Personal Housing came around Patch 2.38. There are currently three residential districts, namely The Mist in Limsa Lominsa, Lavender Beds in Gridania and The Goblet in Ul’dah.

To get a house a character needs to be in a Free Company that is at Rank 6 or higher. They will also need a Land Acquisition entitlement. When these requirements are met, they will then need to buy a a plot of land using Gil. Players with a house have access to a number of in-game activities. These include Patch 2.2’s Gardening, storing items, and customization.

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