[GUIDE]Retaking Stone Vigil for FFXIV Gil, Items and Glory Part 2

Stone Vigil

Previously we were working our way through the Stone Vigil (Hard) dungeon of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Today we’ll continue our efforts of clearing out the fortress. Final Fantasy XIV account holders can learn here how to take on the remaining two bosses. Get your Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunter ready to haul FFXIV items and FFXIV Gil.

Stone Vigil

Cannon fight for FFXIV Gil

Cuca Fera is the second boss of the dungeon and cannot be damaged through conventional means. FFXIV account holders will notice however that there are four cannons in the boss room. These are critical to the boss fight as they are your only means to damage the boss. Interacting with the cannons will reveal two skills. The first is Iron Kiss, a low cooldown attack that will deal damage to the boss. The second is Spindly Finger. This has a longer cooldown and low damage.

Use the firs ability to damage the boss and any adds it summons. Be careful NOT to hit the boss when its shell glows red however. This will only cause the damage to be reflected. When the boss starts casting Hard Stomp, use the second ability of the cannon. This will interrupt his massive damage AoE attack.

Don’t make your FFXIV Gil hunter stand around

The last boss fight of the dungeon is quite easy as long as you stick to a simple rule: don’t stand in front of it. Giruveganaus has multiple skills that hit targets in front of him. These range from tail swipes to charging attacks. All of them deal moderate damage and place a debuff lowering the effects of healing on the target.

Clones and FFXIV Gil

At around 60% the boss will summon a clone of itself. The clone will perform the same skills as the original. Additionally, the two Giruveganaus will have a skill that fires fireballs. Make sure to take down the original boss before dealing with its twin.


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