Retaking Stone Vigil for FFXIV Gil, Items and Glory

Stone Vigil

The Stone Vigil is an important fortress in the war agains the Dravanian Horde. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players will remember taking on this dungeon to reclaim it. While FFXIV account holders may have succeeded in gaining a foothold, the rest of the fortress still needs be liberated. Final Fantasy XIV account holders can learn how to go about the bosses therein in our guide.

Stone Vigil

Gaining entry for your FFXIV Gil hunter

Access to the Stone Vigil (Hard) dungeon requires an FFXIV Gil hunter with average item level of 70 or more. Additionally, Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters who want to unlock the dungeon will need to first complete the Main Scenario quest The Ultimate Weapon. They will then need to talk to Faillicie in Mor Dhona (x21, y8) to accept the Blood for Stone quest.

Destroying Gorynich for FFXIV Gil

The first boss fight of the Stone Vigil (Hard) dungeon is with Gorynich. This fight will be quite familiar to those who have finished this dungeon before. Players will need to be wary of the boss’ Swinge attack as he moves around. Gorynich will also use a familiar attack that hits all characters not behind him along with Lion’s Breath.

Throughout the fight, Gorynich will summon adds that will automatically seek out healers. These should be taken out immediately. Note that upon death, these adds will perform an AoE attack. The attack can be a spherical one or a cone shaped one. Regardless of the form, it will deal damage to those caught in it while buffing the boss.

Cannons, dragons and FFXIV Gil

After dealing with the first boss and collecting FFXIV items and Gil, players can continue going deeper into the dungeon. They will then encounter a set of cannons facing out a window in a familiar room. Dragons will then spawn in and outside of the window. Use the cannons to deal with the dragons before continuing.

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