Reclaiming the Stone Vigil and Earning FFXIV Gil and Items Part 2

Stone Vigil

In a previous guide we covered the first boss of the Stone Vigil dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Now we will go over the remaining two bosses of this dungeon that can get Final Fantasy XIV account holders loads of FFXIV items and FFXIV Gil.

Stone Vigil

Koshchei, cannons and FFXIV Gil

The second boss of the Stone Vigil dungeon is Koschei. This sly dragon appears early in the dungeon breathing fire on the party in a narrow hallway. When the party finally meets him, they will be in for a tricky fight.

Koshchei stays in a small tower room with three outward facing cannons. During the fight, this boss will summon additional dragons. These will hover outside the room while raining damage on the party. To eliminate these adds, a party member needs to fire the cannon directly in front of the flying dragon.

As the encounter continues, Koshchei will start summoning tornados into the room. These will move slowly towards Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters. Those caught in the twister will suffer the Windburn debuff as well as take damage.

Taking out Isgebind for FFXIV Gil

The last boss FFXIV account holders need to tackle in the Stone Vigil is Isgebind. FFXIV Gil hunters need to be ready to do a lot of running as this dragon loves AoE attacks. One of the said abilities is Sheet of Ice. This has Isgebind release a frozen orb that targets a random player. Upon explosion it deals damage and applies Paralysis to those caught in the blast. The ground below the explosion will also be frozen and will apply Frostbite to those who walk on it. At later stages of the fight, Isgebind will unleash multiple Sheets of Ice. Players need to be ready to cancel the debuffs it produces.

Isgebind will occasionally fly into the sky. This is the signal that he will use Cauterize. After a few seconds, the dragon will swoop down and blast half the room with ice. This can instantly kill poorly armored characters. Thankfully, the path of the blast will be shown with an icy blue color.

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