Veteran FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to the Syrcus Tower Raid Part 3

Syrcus Tower Raid

Welcome back to our guide to the Syrcus Tower raid for those who want cheap FFXIV Gil. In the third part of our guide, we will show you how to deal with the third boss of the raid – Amon. As always, be sure to buy FFXIV Gil so you can have money for supplies as well as repairs.

Syrcus Tower Raid

Adds, orbs and FFXIV Gil hunters

During the raid, Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters will face a lot of different adds. The first of these you will encounter are slime like adds. These will slowly make their way to Amon. This needs to be prevented as they will place a debuff on the entire raid if they reach the boss. The debuff will either be Silence or Pacification. Regardless, each alliance, should take care to take down these adds quickly.

While the adds are about, purple orbs will also spawn and target a random player. The orb will then slowly make its way to the target. If it reaches the target or comes into contact with an add, it will place the Mini debuff on what it hits and vanish. As such, guide these to the adds to make them easier to kill.

FFXIV Gil, bombs and frogs

As the fight progresses, new adds will be thrown in. Snake type mobs adds called Kichinebiks will spawn. At the same time, three players – one from each group – will be turned into a Flame Toad. They will be unable to use any skills or attack except Flame Breath. Additionally, the snake adds will start pursuing them. Changed players simply need to avoid the snakes until they have been disposed off and wait until they regain their original form.

Another mechanic FFXIV players need to watch out for is the Bomb debuff. This will be placed on a random player. Once its count reaches zero, it will cause an explosion damaging the affected player and those near them.

Keeping FFXIV Gil hunters alive

As the fight goes on, Amon will turn three players into blocks of ice. While they can be melted free by the Flame Toads, it is better to let them be. This is because they are used to escape Amon’s Curtain Call skill. This ability will kill any character hit by it. The only way to avoid it is to hide behind an ice block when it is cast.

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