Facing The Howling Eye Trial for FFXIV Gil and Items

The Howling Eye

The third and final Trial Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players will encounter through the main questline is the Howling Eye. In this Trial, FFXIV account holders will face the primal Garuda. This boss fight can be quite challenging to newcomer Final Fantasy XIV account holders. This guide will help you get through it however.

The Howling Eye

Setting a meeting for your FFXIV Gil hunter

The Howling Eye is unlocked by going through the main story quests. Like the previous two Trials, it is designed for a party of four members. The Trial is for characters level 44 to 46. As such, Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters above this level limit will be level sync’d down to 46 once they enter.

Taking on Garuda for FFXIV Gil

The fight with the primal Garuda is split into two phases. In the first phase, the tank should take care to pull the boss to one edge of the circular boss room. Care must be taken to prevent the boss from damaging the four stone pillars in the room. Party members need to avoid getting damaged by her Slipstream frontal cone attack during this phase.

When Garuda drops to around 75% HP and again at 50% she will disappear momentarily. She will then reappear at the edge of the room and start casting Mistral Song. Players need to hide behind the stone pillars to avoid getting instantly killed by this attack. After this attack, the boss will summon Razor Plumes to damage the pillars. Make sure to kill these to save the pillars.

After her second Mistral Song, Garuda will teleport to the center of the room to cast Aerial Blast. The damage this attack deals depends on the number of stone pillars still intact. After the attack, Phase 2 begins.

Finishing the Trial for FFXIV Gil

Aerial Blast will destroy any remaining stone pillars and begin Phase 2. During this phase, Garuda will summon winds that will continually damage players standing in them. She will also use Mistral Shriek when she is at the edge of the room. Players need to stay away from her during this to lessen the damage they take. Mistral Song will still be a threat and the party needs to hind behind Garuda when she casts this to avoid heavy damage. The last obstacle before you can loot FFXIV items and Gil from this boss are Razor Plume adds. Kill those and dodge shrieks until the Trial is finished.

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