FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to Trials – Taking on The Navel and Titan

The Navel

Primals are powerful entities in the world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Fans of the series will recognize them as summons in the older games. Final Fantasy XIV account holders however, will encounter them as Trials in bosses. Titan is one of these Primals and FFXIV account holders will encounter them in the Navel Trial.


Taking on the Navel for FFXIV Gil

The Navel is the second Trial FFXIV Gil hunters will encounter in the game. Most players will unlock this Trial as part of the main story quests. Like most Trials, the Navel requires a light part of 4 members. Note that it is a level 34 to 36 Trial and that characters above this requirement will be level sync’d down to 36 upon entry.

Keeping your FFXIV Gil hunter alive

Similar to most bosses, Titan has a frontal cone AoE attack and a stomp attack that damages the entire party. Once he goes down to 75% HP however, things get a little dicey. This primal will occasionally jump into the air and temporarily leave the battlefield. A few moments afterwards, he will come crashing down in the center of the platform. This attacks deals heavy damage depending on how far a Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunter is from Titan. Additionally, characters on the edge of the platform will get knocked away and die.

Titan also gains another instant kill attack at 75% HP. Landslide is a column attack that targets a random player. Once unleashed, all characters in its path will be knocked off the platform and plunge to their deaths.

Rocks, hearts and FFXIV Gil

Once Titan drops to 50% health his heart will become exposed. The party needs to focus on this since it will make his Eathen Fury incredibly powerful. Upon the destruction of the heart, Titan will have the ability to entomb a party member in rock. He will also be able to make rocks fall on random party members. The party needs to make sure to avoid all the attacks and free entombed player to finish this boss and claim their FFXIV items and loot.

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