Reclaiming the Stone Vigil and Earning FFXIV Gil and Items

Stone Vigil

The Dravanian Horde took over The Stone Vigil after the Calamity. Since then countless knights have tried fruitlessly to regain this watchtower. Will players of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn be successful in reclaiming this dragon infested ruin? What monsters and FFXIV items away courageous FFXIV account holders in its crumbling walls?

Stone Vigil

Getting your FFXIV Gil hunter in

The Stone Vigil is a dungeon designed for characters level 41 to 43 in a Final Fantasy XIV account. The dungeon can be unlocked through the main story line but will require completion of the In Pursuit of the Past quest for entry. Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters at or above level 44 will be level sync’d down to 43 when they enter this dungeon. The dungeon has a time limit of 90 minutes and allows a maximum of four members in a party.

FFXIV Gil and Allagan Tomestones

For players going through dungeons in order of level requirements, The Stone Vigil will be the first dungeon they will encounter with Allagan Tomestones. These items are Endgame tokens that is used to buy endgame equipment. They can be obtained through trials, Duties, Beast Tribe Quests and dungeon.

Dealing with Chudo-Yudo for FFXIV Gil

The first boss of the Stone Vigil dungeon is Chudo-Yudo. This boss has a typical frontal AoE cone attack called Swinge. While it does not deal a lot of damage, it needs to be avoided for the Silence and Pacification debuff it places on targets. FFXIV Gil hunters need to be wary when the boss runs away during the fight however. This move is an indicator that Chudo-Yudo is going to use his Lion’s Breath attack. This attack unleashes a frontal breath that can take out almost any character in one hit. All players not behind the dragon boss will be hit by this attack, so make sure to stay behind Chudo-Yudo once it runs away.

In our next guide, we will discuss the remaining bosses of The Stone Vigil. See you then!

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