FFXIV Gil Easily through Leatherworking and Weaving

Dzemael Darkhold

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn list of FFXIV items is extensive. Players have a lot of options on what to spend their FFXIV Gil on. Thankfully, Leatherworkers specialize in armor that majority of characters on any FFXIV account can use. Weavers can also make armor for players.


Flexible but sturdy armor for FFXIV Gil

Leatherworkers fashion armor made from hides, furs and pelts obtained from various gathering classes. The resulting armor is much more flexible than chain and plate; however they are tougher than cloth. For pugilists, archers, lancers and gathering classes, Leather armor can be a better investment of their FFXIV Gil than other armor types. Additionally, this Disciple of the hand class available to any Final Fantasy 14 account can also make a few weapons, shields and even accessories.

Becoming a Leatherworker to earn FFXIV Gil

Characters level 10 and above can become a Leatherworker. All they have to do is spend some FFXIV Gil and head to Gridania. They’ll have to locate the Leatherworke’s Guild and speak to the receptionist to learn this Disciple of the hand class.

Earning FFXIV Gil from fabrics

Weavers excel in turning fabrics and fiber into useful cloth armor for various classes. While these FFXIV items are not the best in terms of defense, they are often favored by casters and gathering classes. An obvious way to save FFXIV Gil is to take up this Disciple of the Hand class if you have any casters on your Final Fantasy 14 account.

Requirements to earn FFXIV Gil through Weaving

A character can earn FFXIV Gil through weaving by talking to the receptionist of the Weaver’s Guild located in Ul’dah. Aspiring Weavers need to be at least level 10 before they can change classes.

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