Completing the World of Darkness to Get FFXIV Gil and Items Part 4

World of Darkness

Welcome to back to our mini-series of guides on the World of Darkness raid. Today we pick up where we left off last time and look at how to subdue Cerberus. We will also take a look at how you can defeat the final boss of the raid to get cheap FFXIV Gil and items. Get ready to buy FFXIV Gil as you will need it for repairs.


FFXIV Gil hunter put down Cerberus

Before Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters can put the chains back on Cerberus, they need to get him to stop trashing first. To do this, players will first need to get inside him. During the fight, he will use an AoE attack called Gastric Juice. This will place Mini on all characters hit. Afterwards, a pool of purple slobber will be placed on the ground.  Players standing in it will be eaten. Those who have Mini will be transported into the three-headed dog’s belly, why the rest will be instantly killed.

Once inside the boss’ belly, players can then attack its lining. This will deal a massive amount of damage to it causing it to fall down. During this time, those inside can exit, while those outside can chain up Cerberus. This process repeats until the boss is taken down permanently.

FFXIV Gil hunters run away from the light

The last boss of the dungeon is the Cloud of Darkness. FFXIV players will need to watch out for its Zero-Form Particle Beam. Being hit by this will apply a Vulnerability debuff on your character. It also deals massive damage that can take out low HP targets in a few hits. Players will know this is coming when the boss teleports to a random area and lines up the line aoe towards the center of the room.

Another skill to watch out for is Feint Particle Beam. This will place an AoE on a random player. They will then be targeted by orbital strikes. The laser blasts from space deal a lot of damage. As such, the targeted player needs to keep moving to avoid death from above.

Clouds and FFXIV Gil hunters

At some point during the fight, the boss will start sucking in air. Dark clouds will then spawn and make their way to the boss. These need to be focused down quickly as they will buff the boss when they reach it. After some time, the boss will cast a massive AoE. This can easily wipe the raid, if enough clouds make it to the Cloud of Darkness.

Yet another raid wiping skill is Hypercharged Cloud. This will cause three clouds to spawn. Each alliance needs to focus one down. Otherwise, they will explode and wipe the raid.

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