Completing the World of Darkness to Get FFXIV Gil and Items

World of Darkness

Hello and welcome to another series of guides to help you get cheap FFXIV Gil from raids. Today’s guide will be the first part in a series showing you how to clear the World of Darkness Raid. Follow our guide you want to get rich but don’t want to buy FFXIV Gil. We will look at how to unlock the raid and the first boss.

World of Darkness

Getting your FFXIV Gil hunter inside

The World of Darkness raid was added in Patch 2.5 for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It is the third and final part of the Crystal Tower series of raids. Like the other raids for Crystal Tower, you will need a full raid party composed of three tanks, six healers and 15 DPS. Each Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunter will need gear with average item level of 90 and above.

Unlocking the raid will require the World of Darkness quest. This can be taken from Rammbroes located in Mor Dhona (x30, y12). Note that this quest, in turn, requires the completion of another raid, Syrcus Tower.

Shifting your FFXIV Gil hunter between sides

The first boss of the raid is Angra Mainyu. One his skills is Double Vision. This is a room wide AoE that will paint the room red on one side and white on another. Depending on the side your character is one, they will get a specific debuff. FFXIV Players on the white side will get a Sullen debuff, while those on the red side will get Ireful. These debuff stack and will automatically kill your character once the stacks reach three or more. Thankfully, getting a stack of the other color will reset your stacks. For example, if you have Sullen, then stand on the red side to get Ireful next to reset your stacks.

FFXIV Gil hunters avoid eye contact

Another skill that the first boss of the World of Darkness uses is Mortal Gaze. This will place the Doom debuff on any character looking at the boss. The debuff will automatically kill affected characters after ten seconds. Avoid getting it by turning away from the boss. If, unfortunately, you catch the debuff, stand in one of the four circular platforms in the room to remove it.

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