FFXIV Vs. The World – How Does FFXIV Stack Up Against Other MMOs?

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As good of a game FFXIV is, it can’t be helped to compare MMORPGs against each other. After all, they are fighting for position in the same market. They are competing for market share and bragging comes with that. World of Warcraft has been in the top of the MMORPG race for quite a while now in terms of sales and there is no expected change of reign anytime soon.

But what are some of the factors that players or reviewers of MMORPGs consider when they rank the top online games today? For sure sales is one but aside from that, what are the categories that impact the ranking of an MMORPG? Or the very least, what attracts and keeps on attracting players to play such games? Let’s find out

How Does FFXIV Stack Up?

There are many factors to be considered in terms of rating certain MMORPGs outside of gameplay and sales to determine their success and means to attract players. I have thought of them and would like to share them with you. These are Casual Content, Voice Acting, Cut Scenes, Music and Support.



Casual Content would be the how is the game satisfying the casual players. Not all MMORPG players have the time to play the game everyday. So if one is a casual player, will the game be fun for him? Voice acting and cut scenes will be in the terms of storytelling. A story is mandatory for an MMORPG. If there’s none, then it will crash like an airplane without fuel. Music is the overall atmosphere of the game that contributes to the immersion of one player. One of the most important aspect, support. Not all MMORPGs are perfect and I think none at the moment is. Support response time will play a major factor in an MMORPG’s drive to success. A player would love to play a game that he knows there is someone from the game company to provide help at once in times of need. I know I do. Let’s say there is someone who wants to buy FFXIV Gil and as far as you know that is illegal and you want to report it. How many hours, days, or weeks will the GM respond to your report? That sort of support.

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