FFXIV’s Incessant ISP Problem

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Ever encountered a connection problem in Final Fantasy XIV? For example, you cannot log into the game? I am pretty sure you have, who doesn’t anyways?! There are a lot of causes of these connection problems and who knows what the solution are. Even after finding out the solution, you will still find yourself dumbfounded on how stupid the cause of that connection problem. You could’ve been farming Gil without disturbance if it weren’t for that stupid cause of the problem

FFXIV Gil: Pretty Ironic

You are having a good day playing FFXIV then you decide to take a break because you have the rest of the day to play anyway, right? Unknowingly, you find yourself unable to connect to the game. You would assume that it is on FFXIV’s end right? You spend hours looking for a solution, testing them out with no avail. It is annoying right? Maybe you will relate to this guy in Reddit who experienced the same thing:

So, took a two hour break earlier and I came back to boot up my game. Got that error we all hate so much, 2146697211. First thought was going into the cache since reinstalling isn’t a good option.

Well, I concluded it wasn’t just the game, but anything involving XIV as a whole. The launcher remains black, mogstation doesn’t work, lodestone doesn’t work, and neither do the forums. My deduction is it’s something to do with my ISP, as I tried getting on with my tablet and iPhone. When connected to my wifi they don’t work either, when roaming off of my connection, they do.

Assuming it’s my ISP (I believe that it is) How do I go about telling them of the issue? If it’s not, any ideas? Any help appreciated.

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It is pretty ironic that you blame your ISP last when you get a connection problem with FFXIV. Don’t you think? It is either of the two, FFXIV’s end or your ISP’s end. If it is not FFXIV’s end, then it is the latter. We shouldn’t be spending much time in figuring things out and maybe just call our ISP immediately when this thing happens. Our farming time shouldn’t be compromised looking for a way to solve things while the solution is under our noses already.

So, yeah, can’t look for a solution, ask help from your ISP.

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