Final Fantasy XIV New Crafting Recipes and Facilities

Crafters in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will have a lot to do with the new content added by Patch 2.2. The coming patch will add new recipes and facilities for those who like to earn their FFXIV Gil through the creation of items from Final Fantasy XIV Crafting.

Final Fantasy XIV Crafting

New items to make in Final Fantasy XIV Crafting

The new content patch will be adding lots of new recipes for crafters of varying levels. New Master Recipe Books will also be introduced by the patch. These books can only be used by level 50 crafters on a FFXIV account. Certain recipes can only be learned through these books so be ready to pay good FFXIV Gil for these books.

Making FFXIV Gil using new facilities

Characters that access to estates will also be in for a treat with the addition of new crafting facilities. Crafters level 40 and below will have access to these for a temporary increase to their Crafting Points. This can, in turn help in earning more FFXIV Gil. There are eight facility types in total.

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