[Chocobo Guide] Getting Your First Chocobo in FFXIV


Chocobos. They have been in the whole Final Fantasy franchise since time immemorial. We all love ‘em! They’re adorable flightless golden bird mounts that serve not only as a form of transportation, but also as companion that will fight alongside you in battle. Today’s guide will cover how to get your first Chocobo on your FFXIV account.


Company You Keep on your FFXIV Account

Players will acquire their own Chocobo mounts at Level 20+ through the Main Scenario Quests. After deciding on the Grand Company you like (Gridania, Ul’Dah, and Limsa Lominsa), return to that city and speak to the Grand Company Commander to initiate a quest called “Company You Keep.” Finish that quest and you will be asked to talk to the Chocobo Stables Master. You will be advised to purchase a Chocobo Issuance Ticket before you get your very own yellow best friends! To do this you will need 2,000 Guild Seals. Seals are obtainable through FATEs, Grand Company Hunting Logs, Grand Company Leves, and supply and provisions quests on your Final Fantasy XIV account.

My Little Chocobo on your FFXIV Account

Congrats! After obtaining your 2,000 Guild Seals, all that’s left to do is to head back to the Grand Company HQ and find the Quarter Master, who is just by the Guild Grand Marshal. Ask to trade your current Guild Seals, then highlight ‘Chocobo Issuance Ticket’. After you have bought the Chocobo Issuance Ticket, simply take it to your local Chocobo Stable Master! He will then give you a Chocobo Whistle, which you’ll find in your Inventory. Use it to complete “My Little Chocobo.” At this point, you can name your yellow companion and summon your mount anytime!

Chocobo Lovin’ on your FFXIV Account

Chocobos add a whole new experience to your Final Fantasy 14 account. At Level 30, these cuties can be pets that fight. Not only will you be able to level up your Chocobo companion, you can also customize their colors and appearances, and also their abilities. You can specialize them into tanks, healers, or damage dealers by allocating skill points into either the Defender, Attacker, or Healer skills trees available. There is also a Mario Kart-like mini game found in the Gold Saucer, wherein you can race other players with their Chocobos. Do note that your Racing It is not the same as your mount, though! Another thing you can do is breed them and train them. Additionally, Chocobo Bardings are customization items that change the look of your Chocobo, but they do not give speed or stat bonuses.

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