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Are you an old, returning player? Or a new one that is interested in starting Final Fantasy XIV? Pull your pants up, tighten your belts, and make your gil ready for this ultimate guide for new and returning players to Heavensward.

Heavensward Terminologies

Heavensward is the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion. So before you access that latest part of the game, you have to deal with most of the original content first and we will discuss it here. (source: Reddit)


There are several common words, abbreviations and expressions used throughout the game that will also be used in this guide. For reference:

MSQ: Main Scenario Quests. They have a distinctive icon, and they are required to unlock almost all of the other game features, sidequests and zones. It’s recommended to do them as soon as they are available.

ID: Instanced Dungeon. While English-speaking players just normally refer to them as “dungeon”, Japanese players normally use “ID”.

Trial: Boss battles, always 8-man after level 49. While all of the MSQ trials have no rewards, all of the Extreme versions have their own themed weapons as rewards.

Hard Mode: Hard Mode refers to the level 50 version of MSQ trials. While most of the sidequest Hard Mode trials reward weapons, all of the MSQ Hard Mode trials have no rewards.

Extreme Mode: The Extreme Modes are even harder versions of the trials.

Raid: A larger scale ID.

Coil: A Realm Reborn’ high end raid. Consists of 3 chapters (Binding, Second, Final) with 4 maps with rewards each.

Item Level: All stats of a given item scale with this value, so it’s the basic value used when referring to the quality of an item. Usually abbreviated as ilvl, IL, or simply an i preceding a number. For brevity, this guide will use the i-number format.

When given as a quest requirement, it means that the ID, Raid or Trial that this quest requires or unlocks requires that item level as the minimum to allow entry. All quests with an ilvl listed are level 50 quests. If two ilvls are listed, the first number is the minimum requirement, and the second is the item level of the equipment dropped in the dungeon.

GC: Grand Company. When given as “GC HQ” in the Sidequests list, it means that the quest is located in your current Grand Company’s headquarters. They are the Adders’ Nest, the Hall of Flames, and the Maelstrom Command. It is possible to switch between them after receiving the level 50 promotion, but if it’s your first time transferring to a particular GC, you start from the initial rank.

Level Sync: When doing FATEs, dungeons and trials that are meant for a level lower than your own, your stats and abilities are automatically restricted to a value equivalent to the best possible at the Level Sync level. Some level 50 dungeons will have an Item Level sync (currently of 110), which restricts your gear’s capabilities to the maximum Item Level even if your level itself is not synced.

DoWDoM: Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic. Refers to Physical Combat and Magic classes, respectively.

DoHDoL: Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land. Refers to Crafters and Gatherers, respectively.

We will continue on the guide proper on the next article. Count on it! Final Fantasy XIV Gil is on the line!

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